Notes on the Roma Suite

The Roma Suite expresses my fascination with the ancient city of Rome based on my experience visiting and studying it. These prints use the techniques of intaglio, photogravure, and chine collé. The sepia-toned ink with the photo process has a textured and grainy appearance, suggesting both aging and history. Both prints utilize a collage-like juxtaposition of photographic elements, applied hand-colored paper, and in Roma Due, drawing. The source images include Palazzo Barberini, the Pantheon, Villa Giulia, and the Trevi Fountain. Classical architecture and perspective views remind one of the enduring architectural past that provides the framework of the modern city, and invite you to think about issues of culture and the process of change through time. The profile element in Roma Uno is a self-portrait.


Roma Uno, intaglio, photogravure, and chine collé, edition size: 9, image size: 7” x 14-3/4” (available)

Roma Due, intaglio, photogravure, drypoint, and chine collé, edition size: 8, image size: 11-3/4 x 15-3/4″ (available)